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Goal The intent of this policy is to set rules which provide fair and equal access to books and other library materials. The Library Board of Trustees delegates to the staff the authority to establish procedures and implement technology which supports this goal.

Library Cards Adults eighteen years of age or older with photo identification and proof of current address are eligible. Minors under eighteen years of age must have the approval of their parent/legal guardian in the library at the time card is issued. Adults are responsible for all charges to their account and their children’s account. A valid library card or photo identification which confirms the account must be presented at checkout. The library offers free borrowing privileges to all Utah residents. Visitors from out-of-state may be eligible for a temporary card ($5.00 fee), with which they may have 10 items checked out. This includes a maximum of 3 DVD’s 3 Music CDs, and 3 CD Books. Lost or stolen cards and changes in residence, email address, or telephone number should be reported as soon as possible to ensure prompt and accurate notification.


Item Type Loan Period Limit New Patron Limit Fines
Book 28 days 50 10 $.15
CD Book/CD Music 28 days 10 3 $.15
DVD 7 days 10 3 $.50
Tablet 7 days 1 1 $.50
Hot Ticket Book 14 days 1 1 $.15
Hot Ticket DVD 4 days 1 1 $.50


Children under 18 years of age may check out DVDs with parent’s/legal guardian’s permission.  Library materials may be renewed twice unless a hold is pending.  “Hot Ticket” items may not be renewed or placed on hold.  Patrons may have 50 items checked out at a time.  New patrons will have a one month probationary period in which they may have 10 items checked out.  The maximum fine is $5.00 per item. Borrowing privileges are suspended when fines exceed ten dollars ($10.00).

While every effort is made to notify patrons of overdue items, patrons are responsible for the return of items, regardless of overdue notification by the library. Patrons who fail to return materials or disregard overdue or billing notices will be referred to a collection agency, at which time a ten dollar ($10.00) recovery cost fee will be assessed.

Other Costs Fee
Replacement Library Card $1.00
Lost or Damaged Materials List Price
Collection Recovery Fee $10.00
  • Get a Library Card

    ADULTS 18 years of age or older, live in the state of Utah, and bring a photo ID and proof of current address.

    KIDS Bring a parent or legal guardian with their photo ID and proof of current address.

    OUT OF STATE VISITORS Bring your photo ID and $5 for a Temporary card.

    FORGOT YOUR CARD? If you don’t have your card at check out, photo ID may be used instead.

    ONLINE REGISTRATION If you want to place items on hold but do not have a library card yet, fill out this form to obtain a temporary library barcode. When you come to pick up your held items, bring in photo ID and proof of current mailing address to be issued a library card.

  • Computers & WiFi

    WIFI Unlimited daily use of Murray Library wireless.

    AVAILABLE COMPUTERS Walk up to any Available Computer and log in with your Library Card.

    NO AVAILABLE COMPUTERS? Stop at the Service Desk to reserve the next available computer.

    NO LIBRARY CARD? Stop at the Service Desk with your Photo ID and we will assign you a computer.

    TIME LIMITS Work in 30 minute sessions for a total of 2 hours per day. (Unlimited wireless)

    PRINTING 10 cents per page, Cash only. Deposit coins and bills in the black box next to the printer.

  • Adopt A Shelf

    HOW IT WORKS The shelf or shelves you adopt and care for will be named after you or your family.

    YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES Sign-in and sign-out at the Service Desk each time you work on your shelf. Dust and clean shelves. Cleaning supplies are provided by the library. Clean any dirty book covers with Clorox wipes. Allow covers to dry before reshelving. Tighten book ends and align books to front of shelf. Remove any items that are out of place and return them to the Service Desk.

    HOW TO SHELVE FICTION Alphabetize by Author’s Last Name. Arrange each Author’s Series by Title.

    HOW TO SHELVE NON FICTION Arrange in Numerical Order.

    REQUIREMENTS Initial training session. At least one hour of service every two weeks. Three month commitment to your shelf. Families can work together, but children under 12 should be supervised.

  • Murray City History





    For more information about any of the photographs in the Murray Historical Photograph Collection, or to request prints, or to contribute background information, or to donate photographs, please contact the Murray City Museum at 801 264.2589 EMAIL or the Murray City Parks and Recreation Department's Cultural Arts office at 801 264.2638.
  • Library Board

    District 1 Pepper Pehrson (Secretary) | 801 281.8890

    District 2 Holly Hult | 801 281.2577

    District 3 Valerie Harsh | 801 262.4094

    District 4 Temporarily Unfilled

    District 5 Lois Holt | 801 685.7889

    At Large Traci Black (President) | 801-261-8399

    At Large Gamal Herbon (Vice President) | 801 262.1221

    MURRAY CITY | Districts Map

    BOARD MINUTES | February | March | April

  • Mission & Long Range Plan


    To be your friendly, hometown library.


    The following plan will be in effect until the end of fiscal year 2016. Achievements will be met by June 30, 2016.

    Goal 1 We will be a comfortable, flexible, and efficient destination.

    Objective 1.1 Our combined room utilization for the auditorium, conference room and study rooms will average 80%.

    Objective 1.2 We will create flexible space for quiet or collaborative use.

    Objective 1.3 Staff areas will be more efficient.

    Goal 2 We will provide worthwhile, relevant, and engaging activities.

    Objective 2.1 We will increase the number of programs for preschool children, school-age children, teenagers, adults and families.

    Objective 2.2 We will increase the number of participants for our programs.

    Goal 3 We will promote the library to the Murray Community.

    Objective 3.1 We will participate in 3 major Murray community activities each year.

    Objective 3.2 We will create 5 new mutually beneficial partnerships with Murray organizations.

    Objective 3.3 We will make the exterior of our building more identifiable.

    Objective 3.4 We will focus a marketing campaign to Murray Residents.

    Objective 3.5 We will focus our internal marketing campaign.

    Goal 4 We will use technology to make content and services accessible.

    Objective 4.1 We will explore opportunities to provide kid friendly technology on our website.

    Objective 4.2 Our eBook circulation will make up at least 5% of our total circulation.

    Objective 4.3 We will improve mobile access to Murray Library.

    Objective 4.4 We will migrate to a more integrated ILS platform.

    Objective 4.5 We will evaluate service systems to determine if a more efficient and effective platform exists for both patrons and staff.

    Objective 4.6 We will have regular staff training on technology services.

    Goal 5 We will avidly promote reading and learning.

    Objective 5.1 We will have reading incentive programs for children, teenagers and adults.

    Objective 5.2 We will enhance existing Readers’ Advisory tools and services to both staff and patrons.

    Objective 5.3 Our book discussion groups and writing group will increase in participation by 10%.

    Goal 6 We will achieve a “Quality Library” certification from the State of Utah.

    Goal 7 We will consider and evaluate opportunities to improve our physical resources.

    Objective 7.1 We will explore all scenarios to find the best solution for our building needs.

  • JOIN! The Friends

    WHAT WE DO Fund children's events, summer reading programs, book clubs, and other library projects.

    WHAT YOU GET $25 a year includes a special library card, ten free books from our book sale, and other membership benefits.

  • Policies


    Patrons shall be engaged in activities associated with the use of a public library while in the building.

    Patrons not engaged in reading, studying, using Library materials/the computers/wireless system or attending events may be asked to leave the building.

    The following behavior is not permitted:

    Any illegal activity.


    Blocking access to entrances and exits, inside or outside the library.

    Use of wheeled devices, except for wheelchairs, walkers, medically necessary scooters and strollers inside or outside the library.

    Loud talking, other noises or actions that distract and interrupt other patrons or staff.

    Using audible devices without headphones or with headphones set at a volume that disturbs others.

    Using communication devices in a manner that disturbs others.

    Running, pushing, shoving, physical threats, horseplay or other acts of violence.

    Misuse or abuse of furniture, equipment, materials or other library property.

    Littering inside or outside the library.

    Failure to follow library policies regarding public access to the Internet.

    The library is a smoke-free and drug-free environment; smoking, tobacco products, e-cigarettes, alcohol and drugs are prohibited.

    Patrons shall not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while in the library.

    Only service animals are permitted.

    Individuals with a service animal must maintain control of the animal at all times.

    Food and drink is allowed in the library if practiced “within reason” as determined by library staff.

    Patrons should not leave personal items unattended. The library cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.

    The library reserves the right to respond to any and all conduct not expressly set forth herein, but which is deemed by library staff to interfere with the use of the library by other patrons or library staff.

    Patrons will be warned once and required to leave the premises if the unacceptable behavior continues.

    Repeat misconduct for minor offenses or the commission of severe offenses (even if a single isolated event) may result in individuals being immediately trespassed from the library for a specified period of time determined by library staff, or in extremely severe and extraordinary circumstances, permanently.

    Trespass procedures are outlined here.

    Adopted by the Murray Library Board of Trustees – June 21, 2006; Revised June, 15, 2017.



    The mission of the Murray Library is to ensure that the citizens of Murray City have the right and means to free and open access to ideas and information which are fundamental to a democratic society.


    The Library provides computers, network access, wireless access and software applications to help fulfill this mission. The Library maintains an Internet web site for remote access to library resources.


    The Library upholds and affirms the right of each individual adult to access to constitutionally protected material. The Library abides by all local, State, and Federal laws or regulations concerning Internet access by adults and minors. The Library uses an Internet technology protection measure that strives to protect against access to visual depictions that are of child pornography, that are harmful to minors, or are obscene. The Library may impose time limits to facilitate equitable access to computers.

    Terms & Conditions

    The Library is not responsible for any damages to personal property or for information obtained on the Internet. The Library Director, or a designee, may also determine other reasonable restrictions in specific cases which may not be addressed by this policy, until the Library Board of Trustees has had the opportunity to review the need for such restrictions. This policy was adopted by the Murray Library Board of Trustees at their regular meeting of June 16, 2004, amended on October 18, 2006, and reviewed and approved on May 23, 2007 and June 23, 2010, and amended and approved on May 15, 2013. This policy is effective July 1, 2004 and will be reviewed at least every three years. Parental permission policy for minors is effective January 1, 2007. This policy will be posted in a conspicuous place within the library and will be published on the library web site.


    “Adult” is an individual 18 years of age or older.

    “Minor” is an individual younger than 18 years of age.

    “Technology Protection Measure” is a technology that blocks or filters Internet access to visual depictions.

    “Child Pornography” is defined in Section 76–5a-2

    “Harmful to Minors” is defined in Section 76-10-1201

    “Obscene” is defined in 20 U.S.C. Sec. 9101


    Individuals who request access to the Internet may be required to provide proof of age to library staff.

    To use the computers, minors must have a parent or guardian's approval.

    The wireless network uses an Internet technology protection measure and is available to all.

    The Library Director or a designee may, in accordance with the law, disable a technology protection measure to permit an adult to access constitutionally protected material.

    Individuals accessing the Internet must follow all local, State, and Federal laws regarding acceptable behavior.

    Visual depiction of sexual material may create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment which is prohibited by the Murray City Anti-Harassment Policy.

    To provide assistance and to monitor appropriate use, access is in an area observable by the staff and removed from the Children’s Services area.

    Complaints about this policy or its enforcement should be submitted in writing to the Library Director, who will respond within 30 days. The decision of the director may be appealed to the Board of Trustees in writing within 30 days. The Library Board or the Murray City Attorney will respond to the appeal within 30 days.

    Reviewed and approved by the Murray Library Board of Trustees - March 16, 2016



    This policy provides selection guidelines which follow the principles and ideals expressed in our Mission and Value Statements.

    The Murray Library selects materials which promote the joy of reading, viewing, and listening.

    The Library collections are designed to give our patrons materials they request. The staff may recommend and promote authors, titles, series, genres, and formats and make patrons more aware of the variety of the collection using their knowledge of individual patron interests.

    In selecting materials to reflect the diversity of the needs and interests of our patrons, it should be recognized that some materials may seem inappropriate or insignificant to some readers or viewers while being appropriate or significant to others. The Library does not necessarily endorse or agree with the opinions expressed by the materials in the collection.

    The Library Board of Trustees delegates the authority to make selection decisions to the library staff and adopts a budget which actively promotes a collection that responds to community needs.


    As a popular materials library we make selections based on anticipated and actual demand. Patron interest will be determined by comparative statistical use reports.

    Patron requests are given a very high priority in our selection process. The community defines our collection, through their requests, suggestions, and use. Requests may be limited by available funds.

    The Adult collection is designed to stimulate imagination, spark curiosity, and promote lifelong learning. The Children’s collection is designed to inspire and encourage a love of reading. The library strives to offer materials that children choose to read, not necessarily materials they are required to read for an academic curriculum.

    The collection is not designed to be all inclusive or comprehensive. Our patrons are fortunate to have many conveniently located libraries that significantly increase the choices available beyond the scope of our collection.


    Due to limited capacity, titles must earn space on our shelves or they are removed to make room for newer and/or more popular materials. Materials are retained as long as they have a demonstrated value based on use reports. Materials deleted from our collection are donated to our Friends of the Library for possible sale in their used book sale.


    The Murray Library welcomes and accepts donations without conditions. Donated materials may be added to the collection, given to our Friends group for resale, or discarded.


    The Library has a process established by the Library Board of Trustees to review and respond to a patron’s request to reconsider materials in the collection.

    Approved by the Murray Library Board April 21, 2010


    The library offers meeting rooms where the community can gather to share information, discuss ideas, and present programs. The library welcomes and invites groups to use the rooms which are available without charge, by reservation regardless of the group’s beliefs or affiliations. Use of library meeting rooms does not constitute endorsement by the Library or its Board of Trustees of the ideas or opinions expressed by the participants or sponsors.

    Room Types

    Rooms #1 and #2 are available for use by 1 to 6 individuals.

    Room #3 is available for use by 2 to 14 individuals.

    The Auditorium is available for use by 4 to 135 individuals. Seating capacity is 58.

    Requests for Reservations

    Access priority is given to use by the Murray Library and the Murray City Corporation.

    All meetings must be open to the public unless closed by a public body in accordance with the Utah Open and Public Meetings Act.

    The Library reserves the right to cancel or postpone previously scheduled reservations for library or city use with advance prior notice.

    Individuals requesting the room must have a valid Murray Library card. This individual is responsible for the appropriate use of the room and must be in attendance.

    Individuals requesting the room 3 or the auditorium must be 18 years of age.

    If a patron does not show up within 15 minutes of the reservation time, the reservation may be canceled and the room will be made available to other patrons.

    Rooms are available Monday through Thursday from 10:15 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 10:15 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

    Reservations for the auditorium and room 3 may be requested three months in advance of the scheduled date. Permission may be granted to established Murray civic organizations to annually schedule reservations for the auditorium for monthly meetings for the period of their membership year.

    Online reservation requests are encouraged.

    Requests may also be made in person or by phone at 801 264-2580.

    Online acceptance of terms and conditions is considered a valid agreement.

    Terms and Conditions

    Damage to Library property as the result of room misuse will be charged to the individual who reserved the room.

    Room use cannot interfere with library services. The library reserves the right to enforce fire codes and its code of conduct.

    Meetings held for commercial purposes are prohibited, including sales, marketing, or solicitation of names for future sales and business referrals.

    Commercial institutions may utilize the rooms for non-profit purposes. No admission fees may be solicited or collected and the sale of products or services is not permitted.

    Due to limited parking, Auditorium meeting participants are restricted to the 28 parking spaces along the east side of the lot.

    Only commercially prepared food is allowed in the Auditorium. The Salt Lake County Health Department prohibits the serving of home made food or drink.

    Nothing can be affixed to library property. Signage is available to indicate the location, time, and a brief description of Auditorium events.

    Set up and clean up, including returning furniture to its original location, is the responsibility of the reserving group.

    The Library is not responsible for any meeting participant’s property or personal belongings.

    All rooms must be vacated no later than 30 minutes before library closing hours.

    Activities involving firearms, live ammunition, or hazardous substances are not permitted.

    This does not apply to the legal possession of firearms.

    Groups are responsible for complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act and for providing requested accommodations.

    Failure to follow these terms and conditions may result in loss of room use privileges.

    Appeal of staff decisions may be referred to the Library Director first and finally to the Library Board.

    Adopted by the Murray Library Board of Trustees May 20, 2015


    Murray Library welcomes and encourages children to visit the Library, use library resources and services and attend library programs. Staff members are available to help and support children; however, the Library is not able to provide child care or be responsible for unattended children.

    Unattended children are children of any age who are apparently unaccompanied by a parent, guardian or responsible caregiver. Children who are unable or unwilling to care for themselves may not be left alone in the Library and must have adequate supervision while in the Library. The Library is not responsible if children leave Library property unattended. Parents are responsible for the safety, behavior and supervision of children at all times while in the Library and on library property, whether the parent is in the library or not. Children are expected to respect library property and adhere to the Library Code of Conduct. Disruptive children, attended or unattended, may be asked to leave the library after one warning.

    Library staff will attempt to contact a parent if an unattended child’s behavior is disruptive, the child is in a potentially harmful situation or the child is left alone at closing time. If parents are not available or are unresponsive, the police will be contacted.

    Adopted by the Murray Library Board of Trustees June 17, 2015