Board of Trustees Regular Session Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Present:          Traci Black, Vicki Matsumori, Drew Pearson, Pepper Pehrson, Nick Skene, Justin Zollinger


Others:           Kim Fong; Library Director, Traci Sutherland; Library Staff

  1. Call to Order: President Black called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. and welcomed Vicki Matsumori and Justin Zollinger to the Board as new members.
  1. Approval of Minutes

2.1 June 2017

The minutes of the June 2017 meeting were approved as written on a motion made by Pepper Pehrson, seconded by Drew Pearson.  Voting was unanimous in favor.

  1. Public Comment


  1. Financial Reports

Director Fong briefly discussed the budget for 2017-18.  It is not significantly different from the previous financial year budget.  President Black asked if the new budget is feasible.  Director Fong said it will be tight, but it is feasible.  Nick Skene asked about the drop in fine revenue.  Director Fong said that was a result of dropping the DVD fines from $1.00 to $.50.  The Board discussed the recent move by the Salt Lake City Library to do away with late fees.

Vicki Matsumori made a motion to receive and file the Financial Reports, seconded by Nick Skene.  The voting was unanimous in favor.

  1. Board Reports

The Board discussed with Director Fong staff attendance at upcoming Back to School Nights, and the Family Safety Fair.

Pepper Pehrson asked if the Library will be holding any special programs in conjunction with the eclipse.  Director Fong said that the Library will provide special glasses to patrons on that day.

  1. Director’s Report

Director Fong introduced the TinyPulse survey to the Board. The TinyPulse surveys are short surveys sent out weekly to Library staff members.  They are usually only one question, and responses can be anonymous.  It also gives staff members the opportunity to give “cheers” (compliments) to their co-workers, which can also be anonymous.  There is also an option to make suggestions.  This gives Director Fong a way to engage with employees and to look for improvements.  Nick Skene asked if there are staff meetings held.  Director Fong said that there are currently not staff meetings being held, due to the difficult nature of scheduling with employees who work all different shifts, but she is considering trying to hold staff meetings.

  1. Old Business

7.1 Director Review and Goals

The Director’s Review has been completed and submitted to Human Resources at City Hall, and also to Juan Lee at the State Library Division.  The Board discussed the goals that Director Fong set in conjunction with her annual review.

  1. New Business

8.1 Election of Officers

Nick Skene nominated Traci Black to serve as Board President, seconded by Pepper Pehrson.  Drew Pearson made a motion to elect Traci Black as President by vote of acclamation.  Voting was unanimous in favor.

Traci Black nominated Pepper Pehrson as Vice President.  Vicki Matsumori made a motion to elect Pepper Pehrson as Vice President by vote of acclamation.  Voting was unanimous in favor.

Justin Zollinger nominated Nick Skene to serve as Secretary by vote of acclamation.  Voting was unanimous in favor.

8.2 Early Closure for Staff Day

Director Fong told Board members that traditionally, the Library has closed early one day in the summer for a staff day.  She asked Board members if they would approve an early closure day on Friday, Aug 18 at 2:00 p.m. Traci Black asked for the Board to vote, Board members voted unanimous in favor.

8.3 Board Meeting Schedule

September 28 will be the annual Murray City Boards and Commissions banquet.  In the past, the Board has skipped their monthly meeting the month of the banquet, as well as December’s meeting.  The Board bylaws state that there must be 10 meetings held in a year.  President Black asked Board members to vote on skipping the September meeting, voting was unanimous in favor.

  1. Adjournment

President Black said she would accept a motion to adjourn. Justin Zollinger so moved, seconded by Pepper Pehrson. Voting was unanimous in favor and the meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.