We will purchase a title you want to read or borrow it from another library.

Our Matchmakers will create a personal list of What to Read Next.



The library is happy to purchase items for patrons that are popular and/or published within the last 3 years. This includes Books, DVD’s, CD’s, Audiobooks, eBooks and eAudiobooks. You may request a maximum of 20 items per year. A hold will automatically be placed on any item you request. You will be notified if your request is not available or cannot be purchased. We cannot order textbooks or school books.


In the event that the library cannot purchase your book, and it is not available through the Salt Lake City Library or the Salt Lake County Library, you may submit a request to borrow it from another library. Patrons will be notified once their book arrives and is available for pickup. Books are held under the patron’s name for pick up at the Service Desk. Books should be returned by their due date to the Murray Library for shipment back to the library from which the item is on loan.



This policy provides selection guidelines which follow the principles and ideals expressed in our Mission and Value Statements.
The Murray Library selects materials which promote the joy of reading, viewing, and listening. The Library collections are designed to give our patrons materials they request. The staff may recommend and promote authors, titles, series, genres, and formats and make patrons more aware of the variety of the collection using their knowledge of individual patron interests. In selecting materials to reflect the diversity of the needs and interests of our patrons, it should be recognized that some materials may seem inappropriate or insignificant to some readers or viewers while being appropriate or significant to others. The Library does not necessarily endorse or agree with the opinions expressed by the materials in the collection. The Library Board of Trustees delegates the authority to make selection decisions to the library staff and adopts a budget which actively promotes a collection that responds to community needs.


As a popular materials library we make selections based on anticipated and actual demand. Patron interest will be determined by comparative statistical use reports.
Patron requests are given a very high priority in our selection process. The community defines our collection, through their requests, suggestions, and use. Requests may be limited by available funds.
The Adult collection is designed to stimulate imagination, spark curiosity, and promote lifelong learning. The Children’s collection is designed to inspire and encourage a love of reading. The library strives to offer materials that children choose to read, not necessarily materials they are required to read for an academic curriculum. The collection is not designed to be all inclusive or comprehensive. Our patrons are fortunate to have many conveniently located libraries that significantly increase the choices available beyond the scope of our collection.


Due to limited capacity, titles must earn space on our shelves or they are removed to make room for newer and/or more popular materials. Materials are retained as long as they have a demonstrated value based on use reports. Materials deleted from our collection are donated to our Friends of the Library for possible sale in their used book sale.


The Murray Library welcomes and accepts donations without conditions. Donated materials may be added to the collection, given to our Friends group for resale, or discarded.


The Library has a process established by the Library Board of Trustees to review and respond to a patron’s request to reconsider materials in the collection.

Approved by the Murray Library Board April 21, 2010[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]