April 2020 Library Board Minutes

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Board of Trustees Regular Session Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Present: Vicki Matsumori, Sage Fitch, Dustin Lewis, Brent Gardner, Traci Black, 

Nick Skene, Pepper Pehrson


Others: G.L. Critchfield, Murray City Attorney; Kim Fong, Murray Library Director; Julia Pehrson, Murray Library Assistant Director; Brittney Casad, Murray Library Staff

1. Call to Order:

President Black called the meeting to order at 5:37 p.m.

2. Approval of Minutes:   

The minutes for the January 2020 meeting were approved, as written, on a motion made by Dustin Lewis and seconded by Vicki Matsumori. Voting was unanimous in favor.

3. Public Comment:  

Dustin Lewis shared a comment from a patron that is frustrated when some text is covered by the address label in the back of the books. Patron requested that more of an effort be made to place those labels away from the text as having words covered makes it difficult for their children to practice reading. Assistant Director Pehrson responded that she would contact our book vendor to address this since they are the ones who place the address label. President Black inquired if there have been any problems with Hoopla. Director Fong responded that the only problems have been with expired cards not allowing patrons to login.

4. Financial Reports: 

75% of the year has lapsed and everything is on budget. Director Fong provided a handout showing the preliminary outline for next year’s budget. Director Fong stated that more money might need to go to the electronic resources budget depending on how the library will continue to function through and after the COVID-19 pandemic. A motion to receive and file the financial report was made by Vice President Pehrson. This was seconded by Brent Gardner and voting was unanimous in favor. 

5. Public Meetings Training:

G.L. Critchfield, the Murray City Attorney, gave a training on the Open and Public Meetings Act. 

6. New Business:

a. Free Speech Policy: G.L. Critchfield, the Murray City Attorney, shared a handout of an Access to Buildings and Grounds Policy. This policy would determine areas on library property for public forum. G.L. Critchfield suggested that the library board work with the GIS department to outline those areas and advised the board that this policy is not required, but is something to consider adopting. Sage Fitch stated that she wants the areas available for public forum to be dictated exactly on a map or be put in more explicit language. She also wondered if any other libraries had policies like this. G.L. Critchfield responded that other policies he looked at were quite similar and stated that he would be happy to come back with a proposed map outlining those areas. Dustin Lewis made a motion to table the vote until a map is added. Sage Fitch seconded this and voting was unanimous in favor. 

b. Gun Lock Distribution:  Director Fong stated that the City Council has requested the library be a distribution location for gun locks provided by Project ChildSafe. Assistant Director Pehrson asked if there was any information given about how many gun locks would be provided, if there would be any kind of tracking system or anything like that. Director Fong replied that there has not been a lot of detail given to her at this time. Sage Fitch asked if this falls in line with the goals and objectives of the library. President Black stated that it sounds like a good program that supports the vison of the library, but she would like more information before deciding to participate. Vicki Matsumori made a motion to table the vote until more information is provided. This was seconded by Vice President Pehrson and voting was unanimous in favor. 

c. Incremental Tax Increase: Director Fong led a discussion on a conversation she had with the mayor about doing an incremental tax increase instead of a large increase every ten years.

7. Board Reports:


8. Director’s Report: 

Director Fong shared a presentation about how the library is continuing to serve the community during the COVID-19 pandemic and the plans for slowly opening back up to the public. Right now, patrons can pick up their holds using the Holds Pickup Service. They can also view virtual storytimes and use the online library for digital services and collections. The first steps on reopening will focus on computer and scanner access with computers being placed throughout the library to accommodate social distancing. Director Fong advised that no major steps will be taken until a reopening is approved by Mayor Camp and Governor Herbert. President Black commented that she likes that the focus is on getting computer use up and running because that is a vital service, especially now. Sage Fitch commented that she worries about finding the balance between serving the community and protecting the community. Director Fong replied that it is definitely a hard balance to find. President Black asked if there was any kind of timeline for opening the library and the answer was not at this time. 

9. Old Business: 

Director Fong updated and rewrote parts of the Unattended Children Policy as requested. Dustin Lewis suggested that we add legal guardian to the policy so it says parent/legal guardian throughout the document. Vicki Matsumori had some grammatical corrections to add. Dustin Lewis made a motion to adopt the policy with the changes. This was seconded by Vicki Matsumori and voting was unanimous in favor. 

10.       Adjournment:

A motion to adjourn was made by Vice President Pehrson and seconded by Brent Gardner. Voting was unanimous in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 7:03 p.m.

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