August 2020 Library Board Minutes

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Board of Trustees Regular Session Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Present: Sage Fitch, Ali Lyddall, Kirsten Woodbury, Dustin Lewis, Nick Skene, Brent Gardner

Excused: Vicki Matsumori

Others: Kim Fong, Murray Library Director; Julia Pehrson, Murray Library Assistant Director; Brittney Casad, Murray Library Staff

1. Call to Order:

President Lewis called the meeting to order at 5:37 p.m.

2. Approval of Minutes:

The minutes for the July 2020 meeting were approved, as written, on a motion made by Vice President Fitch and seconded by Kirsten Woodbury. Voting was unanimous in favor. 

3. Public Comment:  


4. Financial Reports: 

Director Fong discussed the report for the End of Fiscal Year 2020. She advised that the budget is not completely closed out yet as the Finance department is working on figuring out reimbursement for COVID-19 costs. President Lewis asked about the rollover amounts for the buildings budget and Director Fong answered that totals will have to wait until the official closure of the fiscal year. Brent Gardner inquired as to why the reserve building budget is lower than last year. Nick Skene answered that it is a flow budget rather than a balance sheet item. He added that he would be interested to see the balance sheet for that account. Assistant Director Pehrson emphasized that the budget is a percentage, not a total number, so it will be a different amount each year. Director Fong stated that she can get the buildings reserve budget balance sheet for next month’s meeting. A motion to receive and file the financial report was made by Brent Gardner and seconded by Nick Skene. Voting was unanimous in favor.

5. Board Reports:

Vice President Fitch commented that a lot of Murray residents are looking for additional curriculum and programs to supplement their children’s education. She asked if the library could help with subscription services or things of that nature for patrons to use. Director Fong responded that it is something to investigate. She added that the programming team will be doing a kids craft program starting next month. Kids will sign up for it, stop by the library to pick up a kit and then do the craft online together. Director Fong stated that she will continue to experiment and research possibilities. Ali Lyddall commented that the Salt Lake County Library system offers some educational services and that Murray Library should be aware of services offered elsewhere. Kirsten Woodbury commented that it could be helpful to have something offered during daytime hours because a lot of the online schoolwork is not posted for the kids until late afternoon. 

6. Director’s Report:

Director Fong shared the plans for the next stage of reopening the library. Browse & Borrow, where patrons will be able to come inside the library to pick up their holds and browse the displays, will go live sometime in the coming week. Patrons will make a 15-minute reservation no more than 48 hours in advance and will then receive a confirmation email with the details. Browse and Borrow will be offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday while Computer Reservations will be offered on Tuesday and Thursday. Ali Lyddall asked if there will be any evening hours offered for either program. Director Fong answered that right now it will only be from 10 to 5, but extra hours will be added as it goes on. Brent Gardner asked if there will be more displays to browse than there are normally and the answer was yes. Ali Lyddall commented that it might be good to put a sign up with the wifi username so that patrons can look up the information on a book without touching the item. 

7. Old Business:


8. New Business:

Director Fong reported that it is almost time to do her appraisal. She added that the Board can either do it through the Murray City system or they can do their own appraisal as they have done previously. Ali Lyddall inquired as to whether the Board would have access to last year’s appraisal and the answer was yes. Vice President Fitch commented that maybe the Board could compare the two different systems at the next meeting in order to choose a system that is the most relevant. President Lewis seconded adding it as an agenda item for next month’s meeting.

9. Adjournment: 

A motion to adjourn was made by Ali Lyddall and seconded by Vice President Fitch. Voting was unanimous in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 6:37 p.m.

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