January 2020 Library Board Minutes

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Board of Trustees Regular Session Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Present: Vicki Matsumori, Traci Black, Sage Fitch, Brent Gardner, Pepper Pehrson, Dustin Lewis, Nick Skene


Others: Kim Fong, Murray Library Director; Julia Pehrson, Murray Library Assistant Director; Brittney Casad, Murray Library Staff

1. Call to Order:

President Black called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

2. Approval of Minutes:   

The minutes for the November 2019 meeting were approved, as written, on a motion 

made by Vicki Matsumori and seconded by Sage Fitch. Voting was unanimous in favor.

3. Public Comment:  


4. Financial Reports: 

50% of the year has lapsed and everything is on budget. Director Fong noted that the Use of Reserves budget line is money that has been rolled over from last year for when the furnaces break. President Black asked if any prices for ILS services have increased. Director Fong answered that prices have remained consistent and that no increases are expected. A motion to receive and file the financial report was made by Vice President Pehrson and seconded by Brent Gardner. Voting was unanimous in favor.  

5. Board Reports:

President Black inquired as to what the Library Board should be focusing on now that plans for the new building have been pushed back. Director Fong responded that multiple board members have terms ending this year and that board members need to consider replacements.

6. Director’s Report:

Director Fong shared a presentation that she gave for the City Council members to show a day in the life of Murray Library. She provided some statistics such as there is an average of 1100 visitors a day, 150 holds placed and 1600+ items checked out daily. President Black asked if website use is down since auto-renewal started. Director Fong responded that a study was done recently and there were 1200+ people accessing the website daily. Sage Fitch asked if there were any impacts from the construction next door. Assistant Director Pehrson responded that there has been a lot of earthquake-like shaking and some sprinkler lines have been broken.

7. Old Business: 


8. New Business: 

Director Fong provided an Unattended Children Policy handout for review. Dustin Lewis asked if anything needs to be added or clarified. Director Fong responded that she feels it covers most situations. However, there are times when a teenager is trespassed until she can speak with their parent and that is not in the policy. Sage Fitch and Dustin Lewis proposed that it be included. Director Fong stated that she would type up a draft of the policy to be reviewed and voted on at the next meeting. 

9. Adjournment:

A motion to adjourn was made by Dustin Lewis and seconded by Brent Gardner. Voting was unanimous in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 6:15 p.m.

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