March 2019 Library Board Minutes

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Board of Trustees Regular Session Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Present:      Traci Black, Sage Fitch, Pepper Pehrson, Brent Gardner, Drew Pearson  

Excused:      Vicki Matsumori, Nick Skene

Others:         Kim Fong, Murray Library Director; Julia Pehrson, Murray Library Assistant 

                    Director; Kristin Bilson, Murray Library Staff

  1. Call to Order:   

      President Black called the meeting to order at 6:34 p.m.

      2. Approval of Minutes

      The minutes for the February meeting were approved, with changes, on a motion 

      made by Sage Fitch, seconded by Pepper Pehrson. Voting was unanimous in 


  1. Public Comment


      4. Financial Report

             70% of the year has lapsed and Director Fong said the library is doing well financially. Everything is where it should be on the line items. President Black asked about the tuition reimbursement. Director Fong said that an employee had enrolled in school but withdrew and the tuition was budgeted for. President Black also asked about the online magazine budget. Director Fong said that magazines were not circulating as well as hoped and they will probably not be continued next year. The money can be put into eBooks budget. President Black asked about Creative Bug. Director Fong said Creative Bug is being used at a steady rate. Sage Fitch asked about the marketing position. Director said the position has been filled for two months and the marketing person is doing well in his new role. 

            Pepper Pehrson made a motion to receive and file the financial reports, seconded by Drew Pearson. Voting was unanimous in favor. 

       5. Board Reports

            Brent Gardner reported that someone asked him if the library was able to get Library Elf. Director Fong said that Library Elf is not cost effective for the library and may not work with the library’s system. The library is hoping that TLC implements their automatic renewal and that will be an effective solution. 

       6. Director’s Report

            Director Fong reported on a new study the library will be starting in order to figure out how spaces are currently used in the library. This will help when designing the new library space.

            Room Use

           What We Know

            Study Rooms in use 75% of the time

            Meeting Rooms in use 72% of the time

            What We Don’t know

            How many people were not able to reserve a room?


           The library is implementing a record sheet to record when patrons are unable to reserve a room. The plan is to record the information 2 weeks at a time Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. The library is also contemplating sending out a survey to understand what the demand really is for rooms. 

             Quiet Study

            What We Know

            The library has study carrels in the library that people are using throughout the


             What We Don’t Know

             How many people are actually using the study carrels?


             The library is going to count the number of people on an hourly basis and record 

             the information for the same two-week intervals as the room use study. 


            What We Know

             The library offers different types of seating throughout the building.

            What We Don’t Know

            How much is the library seating used and what type of seating is preferred.


            Using a map of the library with color coded types of seating, someone will mark     

             down what seating is being used hour by hour. 

             Computer Use Seating 

            What We Know

            There is a chair at every computer station.

            What We Don’t Know

             How many times are multiple people are sitting at one computer?


             The library will use security camera footage to calculate how many times there are 

             multiple people sitting at one computer.

              Door Count vs. Gate Count

              What We Know

              February door count: 24,534

              February gate count:  19,139 

              What We Don’t Know

              Why is the gate count lower?

              Program Attendance vs. Space Size

              What We Know

              Program attendance numbers

              What We Don’t Know

              How often are programs overcrowded for the space?


              Figuring out the square footage of the area for specific programs and comparing it to  

              what the recommended amount of space for that program would be.       

       7. New Library Building Update

            Director Fong attended a meeting about the City Hall development. She showed the    board the current conceptual map of what they are doing with the new City Hall. Director Fong noted that the library was missing from the drawing. Director Fong said what has transpired is that the library currently will not be on the same block as City Hall. The indications that came from the meeting were that the library should buy property and not use city property. Director Fong said that this leaves a big question mark as to where the library location will be. 

      8. Old Business


      9. New Business

            9.1 Internet and Online Access Policy

                  Every three years the library is required to send the internet and computer use     

                  policy to the state library to show them that we are in compliance with the laws 

                  involved with internet use in libraries. The last time the library’s policy was

                  approved was March 2016. Director Fong would like to rewrite the policy  

                  somewhat to include guest passes.  Also, a decision needs to be made about      

                  juvenile cards and computer use.

                  Director Fong read and researched some policies from area libraries. Director Fong   

                  said she would like to make a revision draft of the policy and talk about it at next   

      month’s meeting.

            9.2 July Meeting

                  Director Fong will be traveling and will miss the July meeting and Assistant 

                  Director Julia Pehrson will be in charge for the July meeting.

     10. Adjournment

A motion to adjourn was made by Brent Gardner, seconded by Drew Pearson. 

            Voting was unanimous in favor. 

            The meeting was adjourned at 8:12 p.m.

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