May 2020 Library Board Minutes

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Board of Trustees Regular Session Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Present: Vicki Matsumori, Sage Fitch, Dustin Lewis, Brent Gardner, Traci Black, 

Nick Skene, Pepper Pehrson


Others: G.L. Critchfield, Murray City Attorney; Kim Fong, Murray Library Director; Julia Pehrson, Murray Library Assistant Director; Brittney Casad, Murray Library Staff

1. Call to Order:

President Black called the meeting to order at 5:33 p.m.

2. Approval of Minutes:   

The minutes for the April 2020 meeting were approved, as written, on a motion made by Vice President Pehrson and seconded by Sage Fitch. Voting was unanimous in favor.

3. Public Comment:  

President Black shared a comment from her mother stating that she and her friends really appreciate the Hold Pickup Service. It is a comfort to them to still be able to pick up books from the library. 

4. Financial Reports: 

83% of the year has lapsed and everything is on budget. President Black asked if there was any accountability when it came to using tuition reimbursement. Assistant Director Pehrson answered that there is accountability, but it is all handled through the HR department of Murray City. She stated that there are specific majors that have been approved for it, registration and report cards must be shown and a C average must be maintained. President Black also queried why the professional services budget has not been used very much this year. Director Fong stated that more marketing has been done in-house this year, so it does not cost as much. However, there have been a lot of signs ordered for COVID-19 purposes and those have not been taken out of the budget yet. Assistant Director Pehrson added that a good portion of that money also goes to summer reading and the programs for it, so that will be quite different this year. Sage Fitch asked what the admin cost budget was. Director Fong answered that it is what Murray City charges for doing business for Murray Library (IT, HR, etc). Sage Fitch also asked about the unemployment budget being at zero and if any payments have been made into unemployment. Director Fong answered that there have been some unemployment costs that have been paid for the part-time employees who are furloughed at this point. She added that it is not something that is budgeted for generally. President Black asked if anymore costs are expected from that and the answer was yes. 

Dustin Lewis asked about COVID-19 costs and if Murray City will do any repayment to Murray Library for those costs under the CARES Act. Director Fong answered that yes, there will be some reimbursement. There is also a CARES Grant for libraries that does not have to be spent until June 2021 and 50% of it must be for a digital inclusion project. President Black asked if some budget adjustments need to be made and the answer was no. Nick Skene asked if the buildings budget has been used and Director Fong answered that some was spent to repave the parking lot, but those costs have not come out of the budget yet. Otherwise, it is the “just in case” money for the furnaces and that money will roll over into next year. A motion to receive and file the financial report was made by Vicki Matsumori and seconded by Vice President Pehrson. Voting was unanimous in favor. 

5. Old Business:

a. Free Speech Policy: G.L. Critchfield, Murray City Attorney, led a discussion on the proposed map for the areas available for public forum on library grounds. Sage Fitch made a motion to table the vote until changes are made to the map and policy. Vice President Pehrson seconded this and voting was unanimous in favor.

b. Gun Lock Distribution: Director Fong provided clarification on how the distribution of gun locks through the library would proceed. She stated that the library would only be a distribution point. There would be nothing to do with acquiring locks, advertising, tracking or liability. Assistant Director Pehrson asked if the locks would be purchased with Murray City funds and the answer was no. Director Fong added that they would be donated through different organizations. President Black asked if this would be a continual thing or just until the locks run out. Director Fong answered that it would be just until the locks run out. Vice President Pehrson commented that she thinks the benefits outweigh the risks. Dustin Lewis made a motion to approve the library being a distribution center for gun locks. This was seconded by Vicki Matsumori and voting was unanimous in favor. 

6. New Business:

Director Fong provided a handout for a COVID-19 Circulation Policy. This will be a temporary policy until patrons are allowed back into the building. Currently, all items that are checked out to patrons are due back on June 15th. With this policy, Director Fong is proposing to stop extending the due date to the date that the doors of the library will be open again. In order to provide a robust Hold Pickup Service, items need to be returned to the library more regularly. Automatic renewal will still be an active service. Items have been quarantined for at least 72 hours and that will continue to be done for the foreseeable future. In the interest of letting patrons checkout more items at a time, the hold and total item checkout limits will be increased. Assistant Director Pehrson added that these limit increases are more to help with the ebb and flow of materials while items are being quarantined in the book drop. 

Sage Fitch commented that she feels like 100 items will be too many and may overwhelm the staff if they are all returned at once. Assistant Director Pehrson commented that it could be changed to 70. President Black asked for how much longer the late fines will be waived. Director Fong responded that it will be until the patrons can enter the building to checkout their own materials. Sage Fitch asked if it will be published that items are being quarantined and surfaces disinfected. Director Fong answered that the plan is to send an email to all patrons making them aware of what is going on and how to access services. Assistant Director Pehrson added that there is a sign currently on the book drop stating this. Vice President Pehrson made a motion to approve the policy with changes and this was seconded by Brent Gardner. Voting was unanimous in favor. 

7. Board Reports:


8. Director’s Report:

Director Fong shared a presentation on how the library is functioning through the COVID-19 pandemic and the changes being made in order to reopen the library. President Black asked if there was a date for when the library will open for computer use. Director Fong responded that there is not a date yet, but that functionality is very close. Signage and cleaning materials still need to be purchased. Director Fong added that she does not want to offer a service and then have to take it away because there is not enough disinfectant. President Black asked for an update on the summer reading program. Director Fong responded that it will be a completely digital summer reading (now called summer learning) program. Patrons will be able to do it on the app or on a computer. An email will be sent to all patrons and they will have access directly from the library website. Director Fong added that it will start on June 15th and staff will be trained on it in the next couple of weeks. 

9. Adjournment:

A motion to adjourn was made by Dustin Lewis and seconded by Vicki Matsumori. Voting was unanimous in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 7:11 p.m.

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